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12- Day China tour with Zhangjiajie

Basic features of your package:
Tour Type: individual tour with flexible travel date
Tour Route: Beijing, Xi'an, Zhangjiajie, Shanghai, Suzhou
Vehicle: private air-conditioned vehicle and licensed driver
Guide service: private English-speaking guide

* Climb the Great Wall and experience the history of ancient China
* Explore the Forbidden City and enjoy the true royal experience
* Travel back in time to the Temple of Heaven and Summer Palace
* View the secret tomb of China's first emperor built by more than 700,000 laborers
* Journey to the famous mountain coined "Avatar Hallelujah Mountain" for its appearance in the film
* Hike the terrain of China's National Park and reawaken your appreciation of the natural world
* Admire the incredible skyline of Shanghai as you stroll along the Bund


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