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Land Services & Destination Management

Integrated planning, ground handling, and control

Every tour handled by Tang Dynasty Travel is more than fulfilling the basic requirements expected by our clients. We are aiming at delivering the experience of a lifetime so that we focus more on details.

Before the arrival of your groups:

  • We will make sure that we have totally understood your requirements and your customers' desired experience, and adjust the tour plan details accordingly.
  • We will reconfirm the tour plan and reservation details of each group one week before its arrival.

During the tours:

  • Our operation team will contact the tour guides in each city on a daily bases to make sure everything is running smoothly as planned.
  • You will be given a 24 hrs emergency contact list, including the phone numbers of the client reps in charge of your groups, and the managers of our local offices.

After the tours:

  • We will provide you the earliest feedbacks.
  • All customer complaints and service recoveries, if there are any, will be reported in formal documents within 1 business day.

About Our Tour Guides

All tour guides recruited by Tang Dynasty Travel are strictly chosen based on service attitude, language skill, knowledge, and personality.

When assigning a tour guide to a tour group, besides the tour guide’s competency we also look into the match of the characteristics between the tour guide and the members of the group.

How we recruit and appoint tour guides?

Destination Transfer Tourist Vehicles

Safetycomfort, and hygienic condition are the criteria when we arrangement destination transportation for your groups.

All tourist vehicle companies and affiliated drivers must meet our strict quality standard to become our contractors.

How we arrange transfer and vehicles?

Hotel Selections

There are 699 contracted hotels of Tang Dynasty Travel worldwide. The number is growing.

These hotels are handpicked based on their locations, our previous customer feedbacks, and field inspections on facility and service quality.

How we arrange hotels for your groups?

Restaurant & Meal

Our meal plans consider the balance of food quality and tour convenience.

Dinners are normally arranged by the guests with recommendations from the tour guides. Special dinners, which are typical local specialties, can be included in the tour plans.

How we arrange meals for your groups?

Entertainment Event

We have searched around Asia countries for the best performances and things to do to make sensible recommendations based on your clients' travel interests and itinerary availabilities.

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