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Entertainment and Nightlife

Sensational shows and things to do.

In addition to the sightseeing, a well-selected show is often a big plus to the tour experience. Interesting things to do are often coupled with unexpected discoveries, making it a long-lasting memory.

Tang Dynasty Travel has searched around Asia countries for the best performances and things to do to make sensible recommendations based on your clients' travel interests and itinerary availabilities.

Recommended shows and performances

- Kongfu Show - "Legend of Kung Fu"

The show in Beijing is one of a kind stage performance that perfectly integrates the skillfulness of Kung Fu martial arts with contemporary stage art. 
It tells a legendary story about how a boy became a Shaolin Kung Fu master named Chun-Yi.

- Acrobatic Shows

Acrobatics has a long tradition in China. The acrobatic troupes in Shanghai and Beijing have been the most famous throughout China and across the world for their breathtaking feats.

- Impression Liu Shanjie (Outdoor Night Show)

Directed by China's best director, the Impression Liu Sanjie is a sensational outdoor night show in Yangshuo of Guilin. It is performed by 600 plus actors in a large natural stage formed by boundless sky and 12 hills extending about 2km along the Li River.

- Tang Dynasty Music and Dance

The show in Xian is performed after a luxury dumpling banquet. The performance resembles the ancient music and dance of Tang Dynasty (618 -917 A.D.), which is the most prosperous ancient Dynasty of China.

- Chuan Opera (Face-changing Show)

Chuan Opera is popular in Chengdu and south west China. It is far less formal in style than Peking Opera, but much more entertaining. Face-changing characters and the role of the clown are unique features of Chuan Opera.

- Beijing Opera

Known as the national opera of China, Peking (Beijing) Opera is the most influential and representative of all the operas in China, and one of the three main theatrical systems in the world.

Recommended things to do

- Chinese Tea House

In China, tea is more than a popular drink. It is a way of life deeply rooted in culture and tradition. The ways of making tea soup (i.e. tea ceremonies) are different in style in different parts of China. Contact your travel consultant for more advice.

- Night Boating

Many Chinese cities are sited along a river. After a day tour, taking a night boat ride in the city is a stylish way to relax. Huangpu river cruise in Shanghai and Two-rivers-four-lakes night cruise in Guilin are highly recommended. Contact your travel consultant for more advice.

- Bar Street

For many people, bar streets are always good places to hang out and feel the life of locals, regardless of big cities or small town. Xintiandi in Shanghai, West Street in Yangshuo are recommended. Contact your travel consultant for more advice.

- Night Market

Night markets in different cities are always interesting places to go, see, and eat. It is where you experience the authentic life of locals, and discover the local food and specialties. Contact your travel consultant for more advice.

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