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Tour Guides

Carefully recruited, continuously trained, tactically appointed.

Tang Dynasty Travel views travel guides as one of the most critical factors to the overall service quality, and tourists' overall experience and satisfaction. Therefore, tour guide recruitment, training, and assessment during and after each tour are integrated into our Quality Management System.

The languages spoken by our guides:

  • English
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Germany

(Please inquire us for the availability of other languages)

How we recruit tour guides

All tour guides recruited by Tang Dynasty Travel need to meet the following requirements:

  • Must have excellent service attitude and ethics: 
    Being customer focus and responsible for taking care of their safety and needs are viewed as the basic measure of professionalism for tour guides at Tang Dynasty Travel.
  • Must be knowledgeable about the tourist spots:
    All our guides are legally registered national tour guides, must be familiar with all major tourist spots of their working region, and able to tell the stories behind the scenes to provide tourists extra learning experience.
  • Must be fluent in one or more foreign languages:
    Verbal skills must meet the fluency level to become our tour guides, and all our guides hold a tertiary qualification in either foreign languages or tourism majors.
  • Must have positive personality:
    As the tourists' mood is significantly affected during the interaction with their guides, we also look at the guides' positive personalities in addition to their competency.

How we choose guides for your groups

We always analyze the needs and characteristics of each tour group and assign the best match tour guide for the group. The appointment of the tour guides will be based on:

  • Language and interpersonal skills of the tour guides in relation to the ages of the people in the group;
  • Knowledge of the tour guides in relation to the visiting sites in the tour plan;
  • Physical requirements for the tour guides relating to the activity level of the tour;
  • Experience of the tour guides in relation to the service demand of the tour.


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